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Business Producer and Co-founder at 株式会社CROZEN

Originally from Croatia, Ed has been living in Japan since 2014. Ed has over 15 years of experience in brand development, personal development, and account management. As online branding and positioning become critical for businesses in the Digital Age, Ed launched his service to provide existing and new clients with business production, mentoring, and consulting. 

In his professional career, Ed has helped over 5,000 small business owners, and entrepreneurs around the world in their businesses through workshops, in-house training, online training, digital summits, masterclasses, and one-on-one consulting. Ed has founded three different businesses and he has a proven track record in delivering six and seven figures of sales revenues in Croatia and Japan.

In his first startup in Croatia, he developed a program and software that improves customer satisfaction in the hotel and financial industry. In 2008 he became Area Sales Manager for one of the biggest retail and distribution companies in SE Europe. That’s also when he met his wife, a Japanese professional pianist. They moved to Japan in 2014., where he obtained his MBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Globis University in Tokyo.

After MBA he was in a Tokyo-based Tech Startup where he helped with branding and inbound marketing strategy to launch a new mobile application. In September 2016 he joined Custom Media KK, an award-winning bilingual, digital integrated marketing, content creation, and strategic communications agency in Tokyo. He was working with brands such as The Peninsula Tokyo, Colliers International, Morgan Cars, Boucheron, Dow Jones, Adolfo Dominguez, Coca Cola, etc. 

​In November 2017, he launched the Branding & Positioning with Ed an online community for female entrepreneurs, models, and artists that ensure interviews, podcast shows, online courses, digital summits, business mentoring, and behavioral shifts for the members while having fun. Ed is on a mission to encourage female entrepreneurs to lead their lives, find their own way, and have a never-give-up spirit to reach their highest potential.

From October 2019 Ed is also Director for Japan at Superstar Art Foundation with a mission to help artists to grow their expertise in the career and provide support to fund their projects through non-profit programs. Under the umbrella Superstar Art Foundation is also "Miss Economic World" beauty pageant, a cultural Olympic game among women artists with dreams to endorse the world economy!

In 2020 Ed launched Digital Startup Academy with two female entrepreneurs from Singapore Michelle Hon and Melbourne Phoebe Lay. 

In January 2021, Ed becomes a Co-founder at 株式会社CROZEN, an E-learning company based in Japan.

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