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Are You Ready to Monetize Your Story?


6 weeks program to get the tools and skills for 2021  

 January 12, 2021

 Launch Day

 What’s the difference between successful entrepreneurs that you see thriving online… and everyone else watching on the sidelines??


It’s this simple – the successful ones are the entrepreneurs who actually took action and brought their idea to market.

What is Digital Startup Academy 

Support for small businesses 

The Digital Startup Academy is an online academy, for small business owners and freelancers to pivot their business to digital products and remote revenues. We are bringing our best members, to you to lead you out of the crisis. Digital Startup Academy launched the very first online program in June 2020, following with the Oversubscribed program in October 2020 and we're planning to be part of your education in 2021 again. 

We are here to reset, restructure, and relaunch your business as a digital business. It's time to turn this crisis into your greatest opportunity.

4 Reasons To Join The Digital Startup Academy 


Generate an immediate increase in cash flow by optimizing your business for growth 


Select your own dedicated mentor who will help you digitize a business model that ensures you are ready to launch in the digital space


Leverage this time to uplevel your skills and become a thriving digital entrepreneur


Create customized tools to scale your business with a bulletproof strategy that you can use again and again! 

Who Is This For

You are a small business owner or a freelancer who needs to create a new way of generating income. 

You have spotted an opportunity in the digital market and need help to design the business model and products at speed to get it launched.

About the Program

In 6 weeks you will get the clarity and right mindset why to design and monetize your brand story right now, you will learn cutting edge strategies and tactics in high impact personal branding, positioning and social media marketing.  

Edvard Vondra,MBA

Personal Branding Mentor in Digital Startup Academy 
Founder of Personal Branding Program with Ed

Creator of the Course Stories that Convert  

How To Join?


Book Your Call

Prepare your questions 



Make a decision 

Spaces are limited. Register now and secure your call with Ed to clarify if this course is the right fit for you. 

What Do You Get In The Digital Startup Academy 

Six weeks, Ed will provide attention and tailored guidance to your business. Ed will deliver high-quality content that will immediately impact your business in the following areas: storytelling, branding, social media marketing, and monetization strategies for you to thrive.

Weekly live Q&As, Ed will answer your questions and give you tailored advice. For this reason, space  is 


Each enrolled person of the Academy will work with Ed on their own personal story through the program to make sure you have deliverable results and fast-tracking learning.


6-week of an accelerated course with step by step guide on how to design your story that converts 

Full access to the live sessions, Q/A, and online networking events  

Access to an exclusive community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs 

Opportunity to book a Personalized strategy call with Ed during the course 

A workbook that will help you to create your own Story for your business based on your market



for the first



1) Free audit of your Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with the feedback and guidance towards creating a highly convertible Facebook, Instagram, and

a YouTube page so you will be seen as a leading expert in your field.

2) Token for Wealth Dynamic Profile Test - This test can change your perception and it is super open-minded. Discover your Entrepreneur Level and Enterprise Level, Find your flow, Clarify your natural path, Accelerate your financial success, and Achieve your true potential!

Tailored Program

Ed will help you establish a business blueprint so you can be ready to launch  your digital business and to thrive in the digital era. 

Our Guarantee 

Digital Startup Academy has been built by the success of global entrepreneurs. You are guaranteed to love the personal attention, coaching, knowledge tools and immediate impact to deliver business growth results.  

Step by Step Course

 Investing in a digital business without the right mix of skills and knowledge is too risky. Are you sure you can do this by yourself? You don't have to. Ed will give you the skills & tools to be confident with proven step by step methodology you can use to own the digital game. 

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