Digital Startup Academy (DSA)

   In October 2020 Digital Startup Academy team launched Program Oversubscribed with Raving Fans 
  • 6 modules

  • Step-by-step strategies to grow your business through our proven Raving Fans Framework

  • Business mentorship from 3 experienced entrepreneurs – Michelle Hon, Phoebe Lay, and Edvard Vondra 
  • Secrets we have used to grow our own raving fans and online communities
  • Affiliates, partnership, copywriting, social media, and content tips​

Meet DSA team 

Michelle Hon from Singapore

Michelle Hon is the author of The Chill Mom and founder of MomBoss Academy. After building several successful businesses in various niches (f&b, social media & maternity) while raising 3 children under the age of 8, Michelle refocused on what she loves most and founded the MomBoss Academy where she helps moms fulfil their dreams by creating a purposeful source of income for themselves.

She was named by Zine Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Mommy Influencers in the World” and featured for her businesses on Channel News Asia, The Asian Entrepreneurs, Lifetime Asia, Asian Money Guide and SmartParents.

Edvard Vondra from Tokyo

Edvard has over 15 years of experience in brand development, personal branding and he successfully founded three different businesses in Croatia and Japan. He was working with brands such as Grand Hyatt, Morgan Cars, Boucheron, Dow Jones, and has an MBA from Globis University, No.1 Business School in Japan. Ed is actively working with female entrepreneurs in Japan and around the world on Branding and Positioning for their Business in the Digital Age. 

Phoebe Lay from Melbourne 

Phoebe Lay is a Social Media Marketer, Speaker, Author, Trainer and Coach for growing businesses and organisations across Australia. Phoebe’s global marketing agency Thrive and Shine™️ Co. helps business owners and their team navigate digital marketing, particularly through Paid Ads and social media to generate leads and connect with high quality prospects. Phoebe combines her strategic business experience with her expertise in Facebook and lead nurturing to help entrepreneurs win big and have the confidence and strategy to shine.

Personal Branding Program with Ed in 5 Steps

​This Program is for Female Entrepreneurs, Models, and Artists that need help with their:​

  • Designing the Crushing Offer

  • Online Launch

  • Self-confidence to take actions in order to kick off their career

You will leave this program with:

  • 5 steps on how to Position your Brand in the Digital Age

  • A Clear Definition Of Your Brand Message

  • Marketing Strategy And Tools To Promote Your Business Online

  • The Structure And Guidance Throughout Your Launch

  • The Tools That Will Put You On The Fast Lane To Success

  • Strategy To Find Joint Venture Partners

  • Understanding how to build your Online Community 

  • Wealth Dynamic Profile

Based on your goals, talent, and results with your customers, fans, and audience we will create your personal branding strategy to help you to be authentic, visible, and well known in your niche. We will discuss your personal brand assets, the purpose of your business, passion, style, wealth profile, what tasks to outsource, target audience, their problems, your solution, and the results that you can provide better than your competitors. You will learn how to be fearless, calculate risk, how to network, improve your financial skills, practice self-control, and to be radically open-minded to understand your market needs. 



We will define where your personal brand and business is today and where you want to go in the next 3, 6, and 12 months. Based on your industry, the position of your business, and your brand story, we will discuss possibilities and make an action plan, and promotional strategy including the launching of your online business. 



We will invest time with your ideal customers and create the content they care about. By producing unique valuable content (written, visual, video, and audio) you will engage your target audience with your brand and establishes yourself as an expert in your given field. You will build storytelling skills and create content across different platforms to reach your fans, build your community, prospects, and customers online and offline. You will learn marketing and sales techniques and tactics to make it easier for buyers to find you and buy from you.



Once you have a product or service that you’re ready to take to market, there are a number of ways that you can sell it. You will learn how to package your service to provide more value to your customers instead of giving a discount and stop spending your time helping other people without getting paid. We will learn how to scale your business and make a passive income with digital products. 



Many business owners are letting their small businesses make them small-minded. This is the time to start thinking BIGGER about your brand and business. You will gain knowledge of how to get a community with your fans, followers, customers, and brand ambassadors and how to build the status of an icon in your niche. 




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