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Personal Branding Program with Ed in 5 Steps

Based on your goals, talent, and results with your customers, we will create your personal branding strategy to help you to be authentic,  visible, and well known in your niche. We will discuss your personal brand assets, the purpose of your business, passion, style, wealth profile, what tasks to outsource, target audience, their problems, your solution, and the results that you can provide better than your competitors. You will learn how to be fearless, calculate risk, how to network, improve your financial skills, practice self-control, and to be radically open-minded. 



We will define where your personal brand and business is today and where you want to go in the next 3, 6, and12 months. Based on your business model, industry, the position of your business, and your brand story, we will discuss possibilities and make an action plan, and promotional strategy including online launching. 



We will invest time with your ideal customers and create the content they care about. By producing unique valuable content (written, visual, video, and audio) you will engage your target audience with your brand and establishes yourself as an expert in your given field. You will build storytelling skills and create content across different platforms to reach your fans, build your community, prospects, and customers online and offline. You will learn marketing and sales techniques and tactics to make it easier for buyers to find you and buy from you.



Once you have a product or service that you’re ready to take to market, there are a number of ways that you can sell it. You will learn how to package your service to provide more value to your customers instead of giving a discount and stop spending your time helping other people without getting paid. We will learn how to scale your business and make a passive income with an online product. 



Many business owners are letting their small businesses make them small-minded. This is the time to start thinking BIGGER about your brand and business. You will gain knowledge of how to get a community with your fans, followers, customers, and brand ambassadors and how to build the status of an icon in your niche. 



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Edvard Vondra always gives me a new idea. My view is wider after our sessions. I am a founder and CEO of Bellissima Japan. At Bellissima Japan, we organize beauty pageants event to identify ambassadors for Japan and send Miss, Mr snd Mrs Japan to 25 different international pageants. However, because of this coronavirus situation, our domestic pageant became on live with no audience and we many of our sponsors canceled to be sponsored. With this situation, Ed reminds me of my passions and vision for the company. I recommend Ed for entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do but struggle to grow business.

Founder of Bellissima Japan, Kazue Oshima

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