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What my clients say about the program

 "I’m very happy that on November 16, 2019, I was interviewed by Ed and I really believe that it was the first step to success. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect that our conversations on zoom will give results after one month. Due to tests given by Ed, I learned a lot about myself and this information made me much more focused on what I really want to achieve." 

Alyona Smirnova, Miss Multiverse Ukraine,

and the winner Miss Multiverse 2019

When I first met Ed on Facebook, I was still a baby user of Facebook. I had completely no idea where to start. It's Edvard who invited me to this special group with powerful women.  After I watched those videos, I had the encouragement from those women. Also, it's Edvard who made me feel there was a lot of potentials that I can grow. He builts up such a great platform for women who have a dream for their life. The most difficult thing is to get started. Then I shared it on my other Social media. I privately send them the link. I want to get exposure. And I get followers and leads through this video. Thanks for Edvard's vision and support! 

June Liu

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